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The Ritual “Rebaking” of a Child vs. Baptism: What Two Rites of Rebirth Can Teach Us About the Problem of Existence

When an ancient ritual persists into the twentieth century, surviving all the upheavals of modernization, it has surely touched something deep in the human psyche. Rebaking a child was one such rite, once practiced widely throughout Eastern Europe: by Russians, … Continue reading

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A Universal Truth that Cannot Be Hidden

Love. “God is love,” the scripture says. “God is love,” the saints all tell us– not only in the Christian tradition, but in the mystical literature of Islam, Judaism, and even sometimes Hinduism. This is such a universal truth that … Continue reading

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The Christian Crisis of Love

As Christians, we are often tempted to look around us with fear. We have a legacy of real persecution that extends from the torture and murder of Christ himself, then of his apostles and the martyrs of the early church, … Continue reading

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