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Today’s News Is Better Than You Think

Today‚Äôs news stories included poppy farmers in Afghanistan, human rights abuses in war-torn Syria, torture, Ebola, and poverty in the US. Obviously the world is going to hell, not in a handbasket, but on a jet plane. For anyone else … Continue reading

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Living and Making Peace with a World of Profound Change

The problem of impermanence is one of the most ancient and universal dilemmas of human existence. It goes way beyond the simple fact that people die, that over time things decay and break. Change is woven into the fabric of … Continue reading

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The Madness of Love: Spiritual Parables Where You Least Expect Them

Broadway: lights, peppy music, dancing, and… metaphysics? I was probably the last holdout of my generation never to have watched Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Phantom of the Opera– until yesterday. And I was surprised by what I found: not just … Continue reading

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Dear Anonymous, You Are Not My Enemy

Dear Anonymous, You are not my enemy. You support beliefs that I disagree with. I abhor them, in fact, because I see the great harm that comes from them. You think the same thing about my ideas. Our ways of … Continue reading

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What Is the Shape of the Soul?

When I was little, I mistakenly thought that a picture of a smoker’s lungs from my first grade textbook was showing a picture of the soul. To this day, when I hear the word soul, my first mental image is … Continue reading

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A Look Inside Our Two-Tier Health System

When strep throat hit our family this week, I had the eye-opening opportunity to compare the two worlds of health care in a single day. Under the new health exchange, my children were put on Medi-Cal, our state’s new and … Continue reading

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The Ritual “Rebaking” of a Child vs. Baptism: What Two Rites of Rebirth Can Teach Us About the Problem of Existence

When an ancient ritual persists into the twentieth century, surviving all the upheavals of modernization, it has surely touched something deep in the human psyche. Rebaking a child was one such rite, once practiced widely throughout Eastern Europe: by Russians, … Continue reading

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