Today’s News Is Better Than You Think

Photo by Monik Markus

Photo by Monik Markus

Today’s news stories included poppy farmers in Afghanistan, human rights abuses in war-torn Syria, torture, Ebola, and poverty in the US. Obviously the world is going to hell, not in a handbasket, but on a jet plane. For anyone else who’s got the news cycle blues, consider this alternative, rosier broadcast:

Woman Bakes Cookies, Gives Them to Neighbor

In Milwaukee, today, Mrs. Anderson baked a tray of chocolate peppermint cookies and delivered them to her neighbor, reportedly a working mom with two kids. We have her on the line now. Mrs. Anderson, how did today’s events make you feel? And is it true, as our sources say, that you topped these cookies with chocolate sprinkles?….

Man Goes to Grocery Store, Drives Home Safely

Breaking news from Charlottesville, NC: We interrupt our broadcast to bring you this report live. Mr. Jones has just arrived home after his trip to the grocery store. Can you describe your drive home for us, Mr. Jones? “Well, yes Ma’am. I drove home in good time. My engine and brakes worked perfectly the whole way. The factory did a fine job making all the car parts. I felt perfectly safe the whole time. Also, many of the other drivers remembered their turn signals, and one lady let me over when I needed to get into the turn lane.” Now tell us about the grocery store, Mr. Jones. “Sure. Well, there was plenty of food available. No sign of famine, war rationing, or bread lines in Charlottesville this week, although I am a bit concerned that the price of orange juice went up.”  

Child Has Fun at Playground

In other news, a parent reported that her daughter played in the sandbox today at their local playground. Other children were also there and multiple sources confirmed that no children had any symptoms of polio, measles, small pox, the black plague, or even the flu. However, one observer witnessed a tantrum when a four-year-old was told to put on his shoes.

Kitten Does Cute Things

And in today’s most unusual story, a kitten named Snowball was captured on film doing cute things. His family posted a video on Youtube of him climbing into a paper grocery bag, chasing a laser pointer, and watching the birdfeeder through the window. “I feel so lucky to have Snowball in my life,” one family member commented.

Maybe the world is better than you think. The dismal state of the news actually proves that we live in a pretty great reality. If things were really so bad in the world, we’d take bad for granted and only report the good stuff as noteworthy.

Anyone who is paying attention knows about the disturbing violence in our world today. The executions of children by Isis, police brutality against racial minorities in the US, rape on college campuses, the list goes on. But I would point out that these items are in the news precisely because we find them outrageous, egregious problems. In that, there is hope for us all. I am grateful to live in a place that bans cruel and unusual punishment, and that extends equal legal rights to women and minorities (at least in theory, despite all the abuses in actual practice). We should not have any illusions that a utopia is approaching or even achievable, but as a society we continue to struggle for what is right. And when the bad news gets overwhelming, remember all the good news that we simply take for granted.

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  1. In related news… almost everything you can think of is getting better:

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